About Us

Carol Schwartz and Andrea Fulbright

Carol found her niche while planning her daughter’s high school cheerleading competition, where she recruited vendors, judges, and caterers to pull off a massive event! Before finding her niche in event planning, she owned a software development company with 81 employees, all while balancing a family life AND volunteering. Talk about a juggling act! She brings 18 years of experience in operations management, business development, and event coordination to the table. 

Andrea’s love of event planning and creativity shines through every event she coordinates, even her own! When there was no rice to be thrown on the beach, she had her mom get cheerios to toss while sending them off into wedded bliss. Andrea loves to travel on a budget and does extensive research to find the best deals. Her travels include: Italy, France, UK, Denmark, Vietnam, Nepal and soon Thailand! She has 14 years of experience in Project Financial Accounting, which involved, budgeting, problem solving, and managing people.